Elected Official Tracking

Page to show efforts with elected officials and track responses and specific issues.

We ask they support and respond to these three requests:

  1.  Support a moratorium on foreclosure sales, bank owned sales and other harm done to homeowners
  2.  Enforce the National Mortgage Settlement, federal laws such as the Truth In Lending Act and state laws such as the homeowner bill of      rights and local laws such as registry and blight ordinances 
  3.  Investigate the National Mortgage Settlement Monitor, Joseph Smith, and any federal and state agencies denying aid or funds to Wall St victims as well as local efforts and officials that may be corrupted.  SIGTARP has warned of the lack of oversight of local government. 

Federal/National Officials

President Barack Obama

Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton

Republican Candidate Donald Trump

State Officials


Senator Kamala Harris

Attorney General Xavier Becerra

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez